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He said, “You should have stayed with me until I finished what I was doing (being unfaithful)”

He said, “You should have stayed with me until I finished what I was doing (being Unfaithful) because I would not have done it forever”.

Yes, that is what my exhusband said to me one day.  What nerve?  If your mouth dropped open after reading the caption, you can only imagine the look on my face after hearing these words.   How can you achieve true success when you are held in captivity due to emotions?  Both men and women, ONLY you can FREE YOURSELF  from your own emotional bondage.  Love yourself both inwardly and outwardly no matter what because your self-love will help you to get pass the things that you think you need.  At one point I thought I needed to stay with the man that I married because I didn’t want to seem as a failure.  If I had continued to stay in that unhealthy relationship, the only failure would have been to myself and our children.  Always remember the environment that your children are enduring will become the foundation to their success or lack thereof.

Well, as you can imagine, because I dug deep down to tap into my inner strength, I chose to give me and my kids the best foundation to success and broke free of a failed marriage.  Today, I am living my dreams and is having Success Beyond My Dreams.  Just know that you too can begin to achieve the same success by making a decision to break free of whatever is holding you into bondage.  Tap into your INNER STRENGTH -> and JOIN the most invigorating movement Success Beyond My Dreams and experience WEALTH->HAPPINESS and a BETTER YOU.

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Inner Strength->Wealth->Happiness= A Better You