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Homeschooling my son while on furlough :-).

myles pic

This dude is funny, my 4 year old son that is…

At the end of the first week of being furloughed, I am fortunate enough to homeschool my son until this furlough is over.  As a single parent this is a blessing.

While sharpening his pencil Myles says out of his mouth “Mommy, call me when you finish with that”

I was like, “what”, and he had a nerve to repeat it.  And what did I say, “ok, Myles”… I was laughing so hard inside, didn’t have anything else to say to the dude.  Kids are so funny.  He caught me off guard with that one.  Now trust and believe, if I thought he was being smart, it wouldn’t been cute.  It was cute because he was so serious.  I take that he was trying to tell me he needed a minute to play.

I must admit, I’m having fun.  After working on Math for a while this morning,  we worked on two art projects.  See pic for the completed project today.

We will review his site words in a bit. ….:-)

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Priceless Moments: My son grabbed my finger while he was sleeping :-) son holding on tight

Priceless Moments… Needless to say, this is one of those nights that my 4 year old son crawled in bed with me and while sleeping he did something that touched my heart and confirmed to me that I am doing things well :-).   He grabbed my little finger while he was sleeping and held on tight.  Because of inner strength, I chose to push pass obstacles to focus on wealth and happiness which leads to a Better You…..

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And Who Said I Need A Man!!! | Success Beyond My Dreams

And Who Said I Need A Man!!! | Success Beyond My Dreams.